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Zeng Jingsheng
Zeng Jingsheng

Mr Zeng jing sheng, an oil painter, was born in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, China, he is also a member of Chinese Artists Association. He was the vice-chairman to serve successively as the forth and fifth session of Shenzhen Artists Association, and he is the art consultant of Shenzhen Artists Association at present. Read More »

Sun Weimin
Sun Weimin

Sun Weimin was born in Heilongjiang in 1946. He was good at painting rural themes. He went to the middle school attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1963. Read More »

Chao Ge
Chao Ge

Birth Date:1957
Birth Place:Hohhot
Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, 1982
Work place: Professor at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Honorary Professor of Repin Art Institute, Russia Read More »

Bai Jiafu
Bai Jiafu

Bai Jiafu (formerly BAI Hua)
Shenzhen, in the Arts and the Art Advisory Limited Oil Painting.
China Artists Association Member.
Chinese health of Art, Deputy Secretary-General.
Beijing Arts and the vice president of the art. Read More »